Get a FREE week of training at our outdoor fitness venues in Feltham, Shepperton, Staines and Whitton. Come and join the TRIBE!

If you’ve never worked out outdoors before then you’re in for a treat! Working out outside is the healthiest way to get in shape and working out as part of a group is the best way to stay motivated. Once you’ve tried an outdoor fitness session you’ll never want to be stuck inside in a gym again!

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"Best decision I’ve ever made to exercise outdoors with a friendly group of people in all weathers. We are all shapes, sizes and of different abilities. It’s tough, but it’s life changing fitness. what are you waiting for? A ‘new you’ awaits, can you step up to the challenge?"
Jeremy Jones
TRIBE Outside Staines

Getting involved with one of our outdoor fitness training sessions is easy, just get in touch and we’ll send you more information about organising a FREE week of training with us. 

We’re experts in making new members feel welcome and the sessions we run are accessible for all levels. So come and give a TRIBE Outside fitness session a try for free, we guarantee you won’t regret it!

If making changes to your lifestyle seems daunting, you just need to take one positive step at a time. You may not realise that you’ve already taken some of the first steps just by taking the time to find this website and find out about the training we offer. If you can just take one more simple step and get in touch with us we can get you through the next step – doing your very first session with us.

It’s easy to find reasons not to, you’re not fit enough, you might not fit in, you might not be able to do the workouts… it’s natural to have these doubts, most people do, but with a little courage you can put these doubts aside and start the journey.