TRIBE Outdoor Fitness

Feltham Arenas
Shakespeare Avenue
West London
TW14 9HX
Session Schedule:
Thursday 7pm
Sunday 9am
Another great TRIBE Outside outdoor fitness camp is coming to Feltham soon!
Being outside offers constant changes to your workout. The weather being the biggest factor. Have you ever ran outside into a strong head wind? Or a done a bear crawl through the mud? Being exposed to and training in the different elements that our inclement weather has to offer from day to day also keeps it interesting. Burpees in the snow is a particular favourite of ours!

We offer motivational group training sessions and bootcamps for men & women in Feltham, Middlesex through all 12 months of the year, and through all weathers.

Our midweek sessions are predominantly based around bodyweight and kettlebell workouts. Kettlebells are a fantastic piece of equipment that offer a total body workout when coupled with basic bodyweight movements.