TRIBE Outdoor Fitness

Littleton Recreation Ground
Laleham Road
TW17 0JS
Session Schedule:
Tuesday 7:00pm
The brand new TRIBE Outside Shepperton venue kicks off Tuesday 26th June. We’re really looking forward to meeting many new faces to the Shepperton Tribe so if you want to be in at the start of something great then get in touch!
Our Shepperton Tribe train out of Littleton Recreation Ground, and is run by Laura and Holly.

Laura is a master at making her tribe move better and build that all important core strength through her exclusive and unique FLOWGA workouts.

These bodyweight based strength workouts, combined with Holly’s ‘HIIT’ and ‘Cardio’ based workouts, give you the perfect training session: accessible, tough, challenging and satisfying.

Currently running one class per week at Littleton Recreation Ground, it is an ideal location for anyone coming from Shepperton, Chertsey, Sunbury, Walton, Ashford and Halliford.

Classes currently run on a Tuesday at 7pm.

TRIBE Outside sessions focus on individual, partner and group workouts that will test (and ultimately improve) your stamina, strength and functional fitness. We incorporate cardio, bodyweight exercises and equipment such as medicine balls and kettlebells to keep it fun and challenging. We’ll mix up sessions with various intensity training techniques such as Tabatas, AMRAPs and EMOMs (you don’t need to know what this means, we’ll explain everything as we go) to really maximise every second that you spend with us. We also incorporate Crossfit principles and WODs into our sessions and give you access to the tools to track your results and progress within our wider Tribe community.

We can’t stress enough that EVERY session is inclusive and EVERYONE can participate. If you are worried that you won’t be able to complete any particular movements we will provide modifications and alternatives so that you can get the most out of your session.